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Wow, so far 2015 has been one heck of a ride! To start the new year we received our brewers notice from the TTB. We celebrated by working even harder to finish the build-out. We hit the ground running starting with a little bit of painting, cutting concrete, installing new trench drains, pouring concrete, more painting, building new bathrooms, creating our tap handles, installing some new windows (and a new front door), and don’t forget painting…

All the while our brewhouse, our tanks, and all the components were being fabricated. As we found out, some things are just out of your control. Unfortunately some components that were needed to complete our system were taking longer to finish than initially expected… slowing down the completion (and delivery) of our system.

With the news that our system was going to be delayed, we got back to it… resumed our painting, began tiling, started building our taproom furniture, made more tap handles, insulated our cold room, epoxied the taproom floor, and even planted some hops!

Then… finally… the day we’ve all waited for… the equipment was on the train and headed to the brewery!!! We rallied the troops and after a blurry two days… our equipment was here and in the brewery!

Right now our equipment is probably about 60% installed… and while that’s going on we still have a bit more painting to do, a few more projects to complete, and a few more fixtures to install. Once we get all this done (and a few brew days under our belts) we’ll finally be ready to open our taproom doors.

We are now in what feels like the home stretch. We’re hoping to clean and pacify the brewhouse by weeks end and be able to brew soon after! We’re close, but not done just yet… and though there is more work to be done, we wouldn’t have gotten this far without the support and help of our families, friends, and countless volunteers..

We can’t wait to get rolling and hope you feel the same way too!!!
No Worries Brew Crew

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