Three Months In

Just taking time today for a moment of reflection.


Our taproom has been opened for just over three months now. Such a short amount of time, but yet seems so long ago. It’s definitely been an amazing ride so far!!! We’ve met so many awesome people, shared our brews with a ton of folks, and continue to learn and grow each day.


Those we’ve been able to chat with over these past few months probably already know…but since day one we’ve been working hard on our brews to get them just right. With every batch we’ve been able to make adjustments and inch closer towards our vision for each beer.


With that said, we’re super excited for you to try our most recent batch of Boned IPA. “Bright and Citrusy” is what we wanted…and I think we’ve got it! Tweaking the hop additions just right, we’ve been able to get the hops to really shine through from beginning to end.


We plan on kegging this new batch of Boned Friday and will have it on tap for this Saturday. Come on down, give it a taste, and let us know what you think!


Here’s to what’s to come, CHEERS!

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