Waves, Not Worries

We’re Happy to Announce the┬áRelease of ‘Waves, Not Worries’ Summer Ale!
This is our very first collaboration teaming up with Outer Light Brewing Company out of Groton, CT, to brew a couple of experimental brews, one at each brewery.
In May, as we pondered which style of beer to brew for this collab, we discovered we had a surplus of Mosaic and Belma hops, each imparting a berry-like flavor to the beer. With the summer season approaching, we decided to brew with berries to complement the flavors from the hops. These brews would be each brewery’s first attempts at fruity summer ales…and they are delicious.
We used the same recipe at each brewery: sweet, bready Golden Promise as our base malt, flaked oats and Caramalt for texture, late boil additions of Mosaic and Belma to enhance flavor but downplay any bitterness. Each brewery used its respective house yeast (Dry English Ale Yeast for Outer Light, California Ale Yeast for No Worries).


And then, the big twist…
Outer Light became the red team, opting to use raspberries and strawberries in their brew. No Worries, the black team, chose blueberries and blackberries for their version.
Now, you can try them both, side by side, at each brewery beginning this Friday, July 9.
Happy summer to all you beer lovers out there. We hope you enjoy our collaborations. Cheers to good friends and a strong beer community!
ABV: 5.5%
IBUs: 35
SRM: Sorta Pink / Purple
Malts: Golden Promise, Oats, English Caramalt, Acidulated
Hops: Mosaic, Belma




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