We’ve completed all construction on the brewing side of the building, brewed a few test batches, and are ready to fill up our fermenters with some great brews!

Though we’ve made a ton of progress, the taproom has a slightly different story. We hit a few snags during its construction and had to add some unexpected projects due to unforeseen building requirements. We took the challenge head-on and have been cranking away… there were some sleepless nights… but our hard work is paying off and we are now finally seeing the finish line! We are planning on finishing our bar this weekend, paint a few more walls, and install a bunch more fixtures. Once we check these and a few more things off our list, we should be ready to roll!


We can’t wait to open our doors so everyone can come and try our brews!

We are so close and excited to open our mug club enrollment. We wanted to offer membership to those who signed up for our newsletter and/or those who previously showed interest in the mug club. That’s why you’re receiving this email! We’ll be posting this up on our website later this weekend, but wanted to give you all the first shot. Highlights of the club can be found within this email and you can find all the details and even purchase a membership right on our website at http://noworriesbeer.com/product/mug-club-membership/.


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