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Come to ‘No Worries’ to celebrate your next event and immerse yourself in our breweries’ ambiance. Our private space is adjacent to our taproom putting your event & guests within arms reach of our brewhouse and all the action, surely creating a unique and unforgettable event. This flexible space can be tailored to suit your party needs. Whether you’re simply looking to host a banquet style affair or crave more action with games and music. Either way, we’ve got you covered!

Our standard room rental is 4hrs long, the room fee is $300, plus a minimum day-of taproom spending requirement of $400. All room details are outlined below. You can also submit a request for information via our online for right right here!

Party Size *

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Event Type/Description

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There is a $500 minimum tab required for private reservations.* *

Your party's tab must be equal to or greater than $500. If the minimum is not reached, you are responsible for the remainder. You will need to provide a debit/credit card to have on-file the day of the event.

Outside beverages are strictly prohibited. I agree to pay a $200 fee if any outside beverages are brought in. * *

Outside alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited, no exceptions. Failure to comply to this term will result in a $200 fee charged to your card on file.

I've read and agree to the terms * *

You are not allowed to bring glitter, confetti, or tape items to any artwork in the back room. Failure to comply to this term will result in a $300 cleaning fee charged to your card on file and a permanent ban from reserving the space in the future.

A Room Deposit is Due Today to Secure Your Date

The room deposit will secure the space and time for your event. Any remaining unpaid amount will be due on the day of your event.

Pay a deposit of $100.00 per item


Private Event Space / Rental Details:

COST AND FEES – room rental is $300, plus a minimum day-of spending requirement of $400. This does not include gratuity, please remember to tip your bartenders!

RENTAL LENGTH – standard rental spans a four hour block. This includes set-up and breakdown. If you’d like a longer party, please contact us via social media,, or call the taproom.

ADDITIONAL HOURS / LONGER PARTIES – if you’d like a longer party, its an additional $100/hr. Please contact us if you’re looking for longer parties and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

EVENT SETUP – setup time is included in the the event window. If you book noon to 4pm, your setup time is noon. Please contact us if you need think you might need additional set-up time.

NO GLIITER OR TAPE – There is absolutely NO GLITTER OR TAPE allowed for decorations. As we are a production facility these things will throw a major wrench into our production and we’ll have to hire a cleaning crew to remedy the situation. Failure to comply will result a $300 cleaning fee which will be charged to the card on file.

DECORATIONS – all other decorations are welcome, the renter is responsible for set-up and breakdown of any and all decorations.

NO OUTSIDE BEVERAGES – Outside alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited, no exceptions. Failure to comply will result in a $200 fee charged to your card on file.

DRINK TAB & OPTIONS – do you need to have ONE TAB for the entire party? NOPE. You’re more than welcome to have a cash bar, but your parties combined tabs must equal $500 for the rooms minimum. Other drink options do exist, contact us for more details:

OPEN BAR/PARTY TAB – the entire parties’ beverage orders will be on a single rolling tab. The renter is responsible for the cost at the end of the event. Wristbands will be provided for each party attendee to designate those who shall be included in the party tab.

DRINK TICKETS – individual drink tickets can be per-purchased for the party, covering a glass of beer or wine. A great option when trying to buy the party a round or two!

CASH BAR – party guests are responsible for their own beverages, paying individually upon consumption in the taproom.

FOOD OPTIONS – We have a few options for your party. Let us know what you’re thinking so we can coordinate and ensure everything runs smooth for your party. FOOD TRUCKS are dependent on availability and we’ll can work to coordinate as be we can. You’re more than welcome to SELF-CATER your event. Bring in your own food!!! Whatever your heart desires.  OR have your event PRO-CATERED.

MEDIA OPTIONS – Music, microphone, and tv. There’s a speaker system dedicated to the event space to play your own music, a microphone upon request, and TV to connect your media.

GAMES – We have cornhole, board games, etc. These can be setup for your party upon request.

TRIVIA / MUSIC BINGO – Looking to host a party with your own trivia or music bingo. Contact us to discuss the additional fee and how we best can coordinate to create your own custom trivia night.

GIFT CARDS – * Gift Cards, Vouchers, Etc. will NOT be accepted for any type of payment for events including deposits, beer, gratuity, etc.

CHILDRENindividuals under 21 are welcome, but must be accompanied by an adult at all times. We are a production brewery which contains heavy equipment and chemicals. If anyone under 21 is not accompanied by an adult, we’ll provide a reminder and warning to the guardian. If multiple warning must be made, we will be forced to ask these individuals to leave the premises. SAFETY of all our guests (including yours in very important to us). These rules are here to keep everyone safe!

TIP IS NOT INCLUDED – please remember tip is NOT included in the room fee. please tip your bartenders accordingly.

GIFT CARDS gift cards, Vouchers, Etc. will NOT be accepted for any type of payment for events including deposits, beer, gratuity, etc.

CLEANUP – the renter is responsible to ensure all trash accumulated during the party is disposed of within the provided trash receptacles. No Worries staff will do the rest!

Private Space Details:

We are No Worries Brewing located on 2520 State Street in Hamden, CT.

Our private space is located ‘Under the Mezz’ and adjacent to our brewhouse. So you’ll be partying eye-shot of our brewing space and tanks. With approximately 1,000 square foot space we can customize to your parties needs. If you’re just looking for tables & chairs… we can make that happen. OR need more space for games and hanging out? We got you!

Taproom Hours of Operation:

Monday-Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday-Thursday: 4pm-10pm
Friday: 3pm-11pm
Saturday: 12pm-11pm
Sunday: 12pm-7pm

Odds & Ends | Additional Info:

DAMAGES – Beyond normal wear and tear, the Renter is responsible any damage caused by the Renter’s use of the Space. The Renter shall arrange for the repair of any such damage. If the Renter does not make any necessary repair, No Worries Brewing shall arrange said repairs at the Renter’s expense.

CANCELLATION – the renter may cancel the event by notifying No Worries Management providing notice fourteen (14) days before the event date wherein the renter will receive a full refund of their deposit. Any cancellation after said fourteen days, the deposit paid by the renter is non-refundable and No Worries reserves the right to retain said deposit.


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